Once Upon a Time “True North” Review

There is only one complaint I can make about "True North," this week’s Once Upon a Time and it is this. They vastly under-used the fabulous Emma Caulfield as the Blind Witch who tries to roast Hansel and Gretel. Other than that, it was a great episode.

We meet Hansel and Gretel in the woods, as they help their father chop wood. After he sends the kids off for kindling, giving his compass to Gretel so they can find their way back, the Woodsman (Nicholas Lea) is captured by the Queen. Not knowing that their father has been kidnapped, the kids fear they’ve been abandoned. But the Queen offers them help in finding their father if they will go into the Blind Witch’s gingerbread house to steal what turns out to be a poisoned apple, the weapon the Queen will eventually use on Snow White.

Only children can enter the house, which makes sense as the Blind Witch likes them roasted in either butter or gravy. But the twins are savvy and they escape with the apple after locking the Witch in her own oven. Still, they want their father more than they want a life with the Queen, who was impressed by their success and offers them a comfortable existence at her side. When Gretel stands up to her, she banishes them to the depths of the forest. They’re presumably still there, trying to find their father, when the curse is cast. Read More...



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