Shameless “Summer Loving” Review

It seems a bit weird that a show as deranged as Shameless could be one of the best family shows on television, but it’s quite true. There’s a center of deep love in the midst of this hard show, which is mean and dark but rarely cynical or insincere. The external factors (Frank’s abusive neglect and sabotage of their livelihood and their mother’s absence) have forced the Gallagher siblings together and they’re closer than most siblings. I love watching a show where the characters actually care about each other in an honest, unforced way, and this show provides that.

Was this episode the best the show’s ever done? No, not by a long shot. Mainly because it focused an awful lot of time on Frank and his love exploit to exploit, in this case a woman named Dottie waiting on a heart transplant. It’s an awkward story I don’t care a bit about. I don’t like Frank as a character (you’re not supposed to) and it’s such a tricky role, I’m not sure if William H Macey isn’t doing everything that can be done with the role. But unless Frank is being used as an obstacle in the lives of his children, I have no real interest in his endeavours. Read More... 


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