'The Vampire Diaries': Could Caroline hook up with Klaus? Plus, Candice Accola talks Stefan


Here's the deal: Caroline on "The Vampire Diaries" has chemistry with everyone. The writers could put her in a romantic relationship with a piece of furniture, and we'd trust Candice Accola to make it believable.With Caroline and Tyler (Michael Trevino) experiencing a definite low in their relationship, Tyler has some pretty big decisions coming up. Judging by the fact that Michael Trevino has been home in Los Angeles -- not in Atlanta, where they shoot the show -- for a rather extended period of time, we're guessing that Tyler is going to take himself out of the Forwood equation for a period of time.Everyone's buzzing about a possible love interest for Klaus (Joseph Morgan), and we couldn't help but think of Caroline as a distinct possibility. When we spoke with Candice about the chances of a Caroline/Klaus hookup, though, she played coy. "I will say this much -- Caroline does have scenes with Klaus in...



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