Gossip Girl “The End of the Affair” Review

Why, after watching "The End of the Affair," this week’s Gossip Girl, do I feel like I need to buy a new computer? Huh. Weird.

Speaking of weird, how odd was it not to have any initial GG voiceover? After the events of the mid-season finale, the Queen of NYC dirt has (seemingly) vanished. Also, Blair lost her baby, which was very sad, but didn’t feel sad enough. Chuck survived the crash, but woke up to a world of infinite angst.

Yes, the reunion of Blair and Chuck was not meant to be. After entering into what I’m pretty sure is a one-way bargain with God, Blair decided that the only way to save Chuck’s life would be to cut him out of her life and marry Louis as planned. The only person she told about this deal was Dan, who she enlisted to help her convert to Catholicism. Of course, spending so much time away from home prompted Louis to think she was having an affair with Chuck, and Chuck to think she had started up with Dan. Read More...



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