Alcatraz “Pilot/Ernest Cobb” Review

Well, this is it, ladies and gentlemen! J. J. Abrams’ much hyped return to an "Island-based" TV show:Alcatraz! After so much hype and speculation, we finally get to see what this show is all about. Is Abrams staying within his wheelhouse, developing a new show involving an island and starring Jorge Garcia? Or is this something entirely different? Well, after watching the two hour premiere of "Pilot/Ernest Cobb", one thing is for sure: This is definitely not LOST. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, read on to find out!

It sure starts out promising enough, as we hear Sam Niell’s ominous baritone voice telling us that the infamous prison Alcatraz was in fact not closed due to lack of funding like we all thought. Instead, two guards arrived to the island only to find that all 302 of the inhabitants of The Rock had mysteriously disappeared. They really sold the heck out of this scene, with Academy Award winning composer Michael Giacchino’s sweeping score blaring through our speakers as the guards examine the empty cells. It was a great scene that sets up a compelling mystery, and it’s up to the characters to maintain our interest and sell this opening. Read More... 


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