How I Met Your Mother “46 Minutes” Review

I know that How I Met Your Mother has been building up the idea of Lily and Marshall moving out to the suburbs all season, but after watching the gang stick together through most of their twenties, it was still hard for me to really accept the fact that this group is growing up and -spatially speaking – growing apart.

This episode takes its title, "46 Minutes," from the estimated duration of a train ride from their old haunt in the middle of Manhattan to their new digs out in Long Island. From my personal experience, a 46 minute commute is just outside of the range of casual spontaneity. Lily and Marshall were already going to be spending less time with Ted, Barney and Robin as their priorities shifted to care for their child. Now that they are permanently in suburbs, they’ll probably only make it back into the city for day trips, special occasions, or those rare nights when they’ve landed a sitter. The idea of Barney, Ted or Robin making plans to take that 46 minute ride out to spend a free evening in the suburbs doesn’t really fall into place with where their characters are right now.

Barney reacted to the devastating news by declaring himself leader of the group, complete with a hilarious "How I Met Your Barney" opening. It was the first indication that this would be an episode loaded with a kind of metahumor that we don’t normally get on How I Met Your Mother. After dragging Robin, Ted and Kevin back to the normal strip joint, Barney looked to quickly fill the void in the group with the nearest available people – Jasmine (aka. "Stripper-Lily" from season 5) and her Russian boyfriend/pimp. Of course, this required a retooling of the original "How I Met Your Barney" theme and we got a "How I Met Your Russian Mother" opening. Read More... 


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