White Collar “Checkmate” Review

In tonight’s winter return of White Collar, we start off right where the summer finale ended off. We find ourselves right there in Peter’s kitchen with him and Neal, wondering what’s going to happen next, and boy howdy, does stuff happen.

This episode is called "Checkmate" and as I’m not a chess player myself, I actually had to look up the term to see what it meant. Funny, I’d heard that word a thousand times but never knew exactly what it looked like on a board. But once I did understand it, the title made perfect sense. Having no moves left is precisely where everyone starts out in this episode.

Things quickly change though as all the pieces on the board begin moving. Everyone makes their separate moves and all are working to save the queen, aka Elizabeth. And when I say working together, I mean it. In fact, a whole new team develops in this episode and I’m guessing you probably won’t guess who ends up on it. Turns out the only way to save Elizabeth is to run a heist and while I knew all of it was happening for a bad reason, I couldn’t help but to get excited for the caper. In my mind, there’s nothing like seeing Neal, Mozzie, Peter do a job together and the high stakes of this one made it even more thrilling. Read More...



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