The Firm Review: "Chapter Three"

"Chapter Three" continued in the same vein as the 2 hour series premiere, starting off with some high tension Mitch McDeere chasing during the present time before jumping backwards in time to focus on Mitch, his clients, and his first real steps as a partner and associated law practice with the unbeknownst to him, shady firm, Kinross & Clark.

Sure, the episode threw a lot at the viewer in terms of story, but I think it worked for the better. Giving Mitch multiple clients is a fresh step in terms of the normal one and done plot line of most law procedurals. Yes, in a way, The Firm follows a similar linear path for its particular case of the episode, but by weaving in and out other story lines and cases, it doesn't feel completely like a stand alone episode. Like I said before, it's ambitious and the writers have to make sure not to throw out so many different directions that some get lost in the wind, but it works in keeping a pace that feels like the show is moving forward. Read More...


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