The Secret Circle Review: What's Red and White and Wears a Giant Smile?

"Fire/Ice" was the name of the high school dance, and I assume was meant to have some analogy to light and dark magic - but it didn't resonate for me. Or maybe I didn't want it to. 

While I think dark magic is the best thing to happen to The Secret Circle, I don't know if I could have stood another few episodes of lame three word spells, such as the one they used to change dress colors and set it on fire. Too bad they all don't work like that. Lame spell and whoosh go the flames!

After Cassie's near-death experience at the hands' of Diana's grandmother, they gals become closer, but Diana still finds Cassie unsettling. I'm so impressed with Diana and her ability to not only accept, but actually be nice to Cassie after she caused her break-up with Adam. As much as destiny in this particular group would be difficult to ignore, she really is a mature girl, whereas I would definitely not be. Read More...


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