'Bones' Recap: Cryptic Message in Severed Spine

I must say, I totally enjoyed every moment of tonight's Bones episode, "The Crack in the Code." Who in the world writes a message in blood -- not just any kind of blood, but human blood -- at a national museum? A crazed killer, that's who!

A Killer That Slices Spines? Look Out!

Brennan takes a look at the skull and vertebrae at the scene of the "crime," and realizes that the suspect dissected the vertebrae and put it back together like a deranged surgeon. The vertebrae, they discover, was arranged in a way for the team to discover a message based on the order that the vertebrae pieces were placed, all with human gut (yuck!). They go on to discover that the human blood that was used to create this cryptic message is not the victim's, but five other individuals.



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