'Jersey Shore' recap: The Gears of the God of War; or, why Vinny loves Pauly

If you want to really understand this season ofJersey Shore, you have to understand the crucial thematic difference between God of Warand Gears of WarGod of War is a videogame series about an utterly heartless, brutally amoral, magnificently powerful ancient warrior who cares about nothing but his own desires. Over the course of the God of War trilogy, the warrior destroys everything. He kills people. He kills gods. He destroys the entire world. He even kills himself, once or twice. The warrior feels nothing but hatred, and his hatred is all-encompassing. It gives him energy. And you're playing as him, and somehow the hatred is really, really fun. God of War puts you in the mindset of a sociopathic nihilist; it's the-videogame-as-cocaine. Read More...



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