'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Separation Anxiety

Surgery, Meredith Grey educated us at the top of last night’s new Grey’s Anatomy, is oftentimes much like a performance. "There was a time when they called operating rooms," she said, "an operating theater." Then she rattled on for a while about the similarities between the two things: doctors arrange sets, put on costumes, wear masks, use props, and that everything has to be rehearsed -- all leading to that moment when the curtain goes up. Lights, camera, action! Sort of.

The thing was, though, that the specific surgery she was talking about -- the huge, complicated, once-in-a-lifetime, dozens-of-doctors-needed separating of twins that were conjoined at their backs -- was never quite as dramatic as the build-up she offered. Sure, it was super interesting to see the scope of what goes into a surgery like that: The planning and prep! The sheer number of doctors! The repeated practices! The what-ifs and contingency plans! The battling between the surgeons over who would do what! But when it came down to it, truly, I was more fascinated by what was going on elsewhere in Seattle Grace, even if those other things weren’t technically the central focus of last night’s episode. Oh, well -- I like what I like! Read More...



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