The Secret Circle Episode 1.11: In Pursuit of Dark Magic

During its first nine episodes, The Secret Circle almost played like a supernatural procedural. While there were obviously serialized elements in each installment, from the plan of the adults to steal the crystals to the matter of fate vs. choice set against angsty teen romance, there wasn't anything tangible that the circle was fighting for an extended time. We've dealt with demons, witch hunters, and all types of shadowy figures lurking in the greater Chance Harbor area, a majority of the time, everything ended up wrapped up (somewhat) neatly at the end of the episode. What the group faced affected their dynamic, ratcheting up Cassie's desperation for answers and pissing Faye off more than usual, but nothing quite stuck to the show's ribs.

Going into a third episode of dealing with Cassie's dark magic, it seemed like The Secret Circle may have found something to explore for a while. Though it may not be tangible like an actual big bad, something that the show would benefit from implementing in a second season, it's something with pretty far reaching effects that are throwing each member of the circle a little off balance. Thankfully, part of that rampant fear of Cassie sending everybody to hell brought about some fun pairings in "Fire/Ice", noticeably shaking things up in the process. The Secret Circle tends to lean on certain pairings (Faye/Melissa, Adam/Diana/Cassie), so getting a little Diana/Melissa or Faye/Lee was a nice break that allowed for a little character exploration. If nothing else, Diana/Melissa helped to frame why these people continue to hang out with one another and captured the human side of this group of superhumans; so much time is spent on magic talk that sometimes you forget that these are five lonely teenagers trying to figure themselves out and can grow apart in the process. As much as I like seeing all the horror movie-ish moments that The Secret Circle has or mentally filing one of Faye's snarky comments to use at a later date, it's stuff like Diana and Melissa reconnecting after letting boys and new friends gradually drag the two apart that makes me care about the members of the circle. Read More...


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