30 Rock Recap: Keep on Dancing Till the World Ends

What happened to Liz Lemon over break? That’s the central question of last night’s 30 Rock, which sees a giddy Liz flashing Jack Donaghy, reciting an inspirational quote from the side of a box of Satchel Page-brand tampons, and eventually frolicking down the street accompanied by cartoon birds. If you’ve been following the trailers put out by the network, you know the source of Liz’s newfound joy. But if you’re Tracy Jordan, you could be forgiven for assuming she’s smoking crack.

 Or something. The crack jokes were a little weak (it’s hard to say anything new about crack in this day and age), but otherwise, the first episode of the season felt like a strong return to form. After an eight-month hiatus during which Tina Fey had another baby, 30 Rock picked right back up where it left off, trusting audiences to remember everything about its twisted universe — up to and including Angie Jordan’s hairdresser friend from the Queen of Jordan episode. Sure, last night’s show could have used some Dr. Spacemen, but at least we got the next best thing: an indignant D’Fwan promising that he will never go back to putting hair extensions on dogs. Read More...



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