Jersey Shore Recap: Things Start Getting Real

Today I struggled to come up with an apt cultural comparison to the way I felt after watching this week's Very Special installment of Jersey Shore. Was this episode more like the time the Diff'rent Strokes guys got molested, or the time that Matthew Broderick realized he didn't want chimps to die horribly in Project X? When Irene had lyme disease on Real World: Seattle? Whatever the case, the guidos and guidettes demonstrated their essential humanity this week, and for this, I have difficulty poking fun at them in any capacity.

The meat and bones of the show were this: Pauly hooked up with a girl who stole and then returned his diamond chain in a Washingtonian display of conscience. He also got a chemical burn from too much tanning, which he treated with Fla-vor-ice and precancerous indifference. Snooki got trashed. Mike was awful. But most importantly, Vinny revealed his ongoing struggle with mental illness, specifically anxiety and depression, and decided to leave the house, and the whole world took a good long look at themselves for judging GTL interrupted. Read More...


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