Fringe: The Stars Talk Doppelgangers, New Realities & Tonight's New Episode

As I’m sure many of you know, Fringe returns tonight from the winter hiatus with the all-new episode "Back To Where You’ve Never Been". As was mentioned in an article we posted earlier this week, back in October, TVOvermind visited the Vancouver set of Fringe and spoke with some of the stars about season 4. When the interviews occurred, only the first two episodes of the season had aired, so the actors were understandably vague about much of what was to come. However, tonight’s new episode was the one being filmed during the set visit, so some of the hints are now coming to fruition.

Given where Fringe has gone this season, something on everyone’s mind was how the two universes can coexist relatively peacefully, considering the fact that they had basically been at war. The tension between the two sides is tangible, and it’s clear that none of the characters trust their alternates – especially after the revelation of a new breed of shapeshifter. As Olivia is quick to point out, Walternate was behind the previous generation, and this technology looks incriminatingly similar. Lance Reddick – who plays two versions of Phillip Broyles – discussed the fact that although the two sides have been working together, the tension has been building.  He also pointed out that "there’s potentially a third element that will be a danger to both universes that’s going to force them to work together". Jasika Nicole, who plays agents Astrid Farnsworth, went on to say that as crazy as things have been before, the dangers posed by this new threat will be even more severe. Read More...


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