'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Fire/Ice'

Cassie and Adam finally kissed, Jake returned, the school dance caught fire and Faye made a power move that backfired in a major way! There were heavy duty happenings in Chance Harbor on this week's episode of "The Secret Circle," with some of the sexiest moments this show has attempted, new angles to the two intersecting love triangles and ever furthering mythology, to boot.

When Britt Robertson told Hollywood Crush earlier this week that "Fire/Ice" would contain a "classic Faye-Cassie stand-off," she wasn't kidding. If anything, she was politely underselling just how explosive and juicy the drama would get.

"Cassie releases a demon that ends up killing Nick, then she brings Jake into the Circle and it turns out he's a witch hunter. And then she almost chokes Adam to death with her mind yet I'm the evil one?" Faye asked the rest of the group, incredulously, toward the end of the episode, after the Circle teamed up on her following her episode's worth of scheming and power-tripping. "Miss Innocent here is full of dark magic. Evil magic. How does this bitch get a free pass and I get burned at the stake? Forget it. Screw you guys." Read More...



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