Person of Interest 1.11 'Super' Review

This week, Person of Interest wasted absolutely no time getting back to business in their first episode since their brief winter break. If you missed any of the significant moments from the winter finale then all you need to know is that Carter finally had her face-to-face with our duo, Reese’s former employers want him dead, and Reese got shot in the midst of it all. That’s where we start off as Finch races to get Reese proper, if somewhat unorthodox, medical care from his wounds. Not much time is spent dealing with any of that though as we skip right ahead to his recovery and their next POI case. Meanwhile, Carter starts to make her way out of being referred to constantly as a ‘meanwhile’ in these reviews as she gets a much better understanding by episode’s end of what it is that Finch and Reese are out trying to do.

As any fan of the works that JJ Abrams has been involved in could tell you, the man loves his boxes. It was hard to watch this episode and not focus on how often boxes were the core focus. Whether it was the machine itself during flashbacks to Finch and his former partner Nathan back in 2005, or the ‘box’ of the apartment building where Reese and Finch set out to crack their latest POI.  That in itself was like a puzzle as they had a set number of people they had to watch and figure out where exactly their threat was in the building itself. By now it’s become an expected thing to have a twist regarding the exact situation of the person of interest of the week so I couldn’t be the only person waiting for the reveal that building super, Trask (Dexter’s David Zayas in a fun appearance as the POI), was not actually the perpetrator. Instead, he was just a concerned outsider like Reese and Finch toward a girl with an unwanted admirer. Read More...


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