Project Runway All Stars Recap: Going, Going, (Opera) Gown

Perhaps we missed these in our giddy excitement at last week's premiere, but aren't this season's opening credits glamorous? (It's worth noting Gordana's glam figure in particular, welcome proof that she can stand up straight and pose too.)

Right after those, it's straight into the challenge reveal — again, these hour-long episodes are a glorious respite — with Angela, joined by design duo Mark Badgley and James Mischka of Badgley Mischka, announcing that this week the all stars get to go glam and dramatic, designing gowns worthy of a night at the opera. Of course, their time frame to do so is very limited.

After the obligatory HP product promo-blitz that now encompasses the designers' sketching session, it's off to Mood. (Bonus points to Anthony for wearing a "Thank You Mood"-emblazoned tee in both the workroom and his confessionals.) For the most part, these designers are too smart to freak out, fall over fabric bolts, pick gaudy polyester blends or, you know, lose all their money. But you can always count on Michael to bring some histrionics to the cutting table, this time with a wholly unnecessary freak-out over the fact that both he and April choose red fabrics. He flails, he stomps, he picks a different fabric... and that's the end of that. Read More...


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