'Chuck': Never, ever say 'one last mission'


"Chuck" on Friday (Jan. 13) was cruising along through a very amusing episode, with funny stuff from Morgan's lost Intersect weekend, Jeff and Lester's continually thwarted investigation and Bo Derek(!). And then Chuck had to go and say "one last mission," which turned a mostly breezy (if thematically on-point) episode into something much darker. The last few minutes were among the tensest the show has ever done, and tone shift was a little jarring.And also, awesome. Those final scenes in "Chuck vs. Bo" pretty definitively set up the endgame for the series, connected dots going back to the beginning of the show and introduced a formidable final bad guy in Angus Macfadyen's Nicholas Quinn. I was frankly a little worried, after the happy-ending feeling of "Chuck vs. the Baby" and the mostly stand-alone "Chuck vs. the Kept Man," about whether the show was dallying a little too much before bringing us to the finale. No...



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