Grimm 1.08 "Game Ogre" Review

The moment that you get to see tangible evidence of character bonds in a new series can be something else. If a show is lucky enough to get a full first season to explore itself and what it can do (which Grimm has and is doing each week), there's a time when you notice the progress and how the wayward figures you met in the pilot months ago now have some semblance of kinship, of trust. Of course, it can take some shows a little longer to hit that creative sweet spot, but regardless of whether it's done in episode 2 or 22, when it happens, you can't help but get a little excited.

It took Grimm eight episodes to evolve its core bromance, a pairing that came about in the pilot due to circumstance rather than choice. Nick and Monroe have always had friendly banter between them, thanks in part to the fact that each filled needs in the other's life; Nick needs a toe-hold in the creature world and ever-loyal Monroe hasn't been shy about teaching him anything, while Monroe's loneliness subsides by feeling useful and human through interaction with Nick. However, as mutually beneficial as their partnership is, it didn't completely gel until "Game Ogre", when Nick let Monroe go into his trailer unaccompanied to get the elephant gun and Siegbaiste Gift to take down the vengeful Stark. Even though there wasn't a whole lot more that Nick could do in order to save Hank from imminent doom, it takes a certain level of trust to allow someone to bear witness to things about yourself that you haven't showed others. Monroe could have easily given in to his blutbad impulses and betrayed Nick now that he had full access to enough weaponry to become King of the Blutbaden, but there's enough respect there to outweigh any temptation and keep the bromance alive. Read More...


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