Chuck 5.10 "Chuck Vs. Bo" Review

Chuck season 5 emerges with its tightly-coiled tenth entry in this week’s "Chuck Vs. Bo" Morgan's past with the Intersect drags Chuck and Team Bartowski on one last mission in Vail to meet with superstar Bo Derek as herself, and uncover a new villain.  Things are really starting to move along in Chuck's final episodes, and thankfully "Bo" manages to keep a good balance of its many plot lines toward one of the more fun episodes of the season.

Well, there’s three episodes left.  That should be enough time to give Casey the Intersect too, right?  Maybe Big Mike, or one of the Buy More extras?

All kidding aside, "Chuck Vs. Bo" left us with a lot to digest, particularly in those last few minutes as Casey and Sarah seemed pinned down by a barrage of gunfire, their only hope for Sarah to Intersect-ize herself and superhumanly take down the goons enforcing our final Chuck villain.  It’s hard to believe something as monumental as that development arrives in the same episode where Jeff and Lester (repeatedly) discover Team Bartowski’s secrets, Morgan deals with his and Alex’s breakup indiscretions, the gang bounces back and forth between California and Colorado to retrieve another Intersect device, Bo Derek seduces Morgan as a spy herself, AND introduce a new Chuck villain tied to our hero’s very origins. Read More...


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