Fringe 4.08 "Back To Where You've Never Been" Review

Fringe returned tonight from an interminable hiatus with "Back To Where You’ve Never Been". It quickly becomes apparent why this episode was supposed to be the winter finale (before it got delayed by baseball): the episode is jam packed with mythology, character development, the re-introduction of a familiar enemy, and an ominous Observer visit. One of my favourite aspects of Fringe is when new developments cause everything to begin to coalesce into a clear image of where the story is going, and tonight’s episode had some fascinating revelations.

Fringe’s winter finale "Wallflower" left us with a cliffhanger of sorts, with the revelation that Nina Sharp, Olivia’s adoptive mother, is actually the one responsible for her escalating migraines. My guess is that Nina is dosing her with Cortexiphan, presumably in an attempt to activate Olivia’s powers. As horrifying as the breach of trust is – it also makes me question this new Nina – I do hope that something comes of it: the topic of the Cortexiphan kids and their powers has always intrigued me. It’s clear that Olivia really has no idea what she’s capable of, and I can’t imagine that it would be something the writers would ignore. I assume that Nina’s motivation is much the same as Walter and Belly’s was originally, that she is "preparing" Olivia for the coming threats. I doubt Olivia will take it much better than she did in the original timeline, however, especially considering that the person she trusts the most is the one dosing her. Read More...


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