Hawaii Five-0 “Pu’olo” Review

This episode of Hawaii Five-0 is called "Pu’olo", which means "The Package" in Hawaiian. That package is stolen from a truck during a robbery that ends in the death of one of the drivers. That’s when Five-0 steps in. Meanwhile Joe is still a man on the run, refusing to give up the truth about Hiro and paying the price by having, well, a price on his head. But when he’s nearly gunned down in the middle of the street and comes close to getting an innocent woman killed, Steve has had enough and forces the issue; making Joe tell Andrew the truth. Doing so, they make themselves a wary ally, which could make for some very interesting stories in the future.

In the end, Joe decides to come completely clean with Steve and tells him everything. Surprise, surprise, it turns out that Shelburne isn’t so much a real person as an alias created to draw fire away from Steve’s father’s investigation. But it was under that name that Joe killed Wo-Fat’s father and suddenly the relentless pursuit of Steve and Joe makes sense. Joe’s only choice is to leave, as it’s the only way he can guarantee Steve’s safety and the safety of those he cares about. Read More...



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