Once Upon a Time Episode 10 Promo: Prince Charming's Wedding Approaches

Emma came across two young orphaned children in this week's episode of Once Upon a Time.  Desperate to keep them out of foster care (because of her own terrible experiences in the system), her only choice was to find their missing father.  Regina, meanwhile, wanted to have the children taken to Social Services in Boston.  Using a compass the children had, Emma was able to track down their father.  But he wasn't prepared to take on the responsibility and refused to take them.  With no other choice, Emma had to start on the drive to Boston, but called the father at the last minute to come by and see his children.  After seeing the children, he decided to act like their father.

Meanwhile, the children were the real life counterpart of Hansel and Gretel, who were the focus of this week's storyline in the fairytale world.  After being separated from their father, they came across the Queen, who wanted them to steal something from a blind witch.  Unfortunately, they didn't heed the Queen's warnings and ate something in the house, allowing the witch to catch them.  Fortunately, the children were clever and were able to escape from the witch.  They returned to the castle with the object the Queen wanted them to steal: the poisonous apple that she would give to Snow White. Read More...



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