'Downton Abbey': To Lady Edith


We've just recently started covering "Downton Abbey" here at Zap2it, but we're ever so excited. It's a marvelous show and we're sorry we weren't there for its first season. But we're here for its second now and let us tell you, a lot is going down.Warning: We know this show has aired in Britain already. Please do not reveal spoilers in the comments. It is airing for the first time in the States and we'd like to keep fans spoiler-free if we can.UpstairsIn the Grantham part of the house this week, our favorite storyline was Lady Edith. It's kind of sad she's not working on the farm anymore, but she also got a little too friendly with Mr. Drake and we're glad to see her finding a purpose within the confines of the Downton Abbey as a convalescent home. The general's toast was particularly gratifying for a character we've always felt so sorry for.Meanwhile, Lady...



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