Mob Wives Season 2: Make-Ups and Break-Ups

After a truly over-the-top episode that featured a brawl, black eyes, thrown plates, and the possibility of somebody being offed in a busted up van, Mob Wives had nowhere else to go but down, at least in terms of absolute craziness. Though it has its moments of showcasing arguably the baddest bunch of reality broads this side of the Real Housewives, the show can't keep throwing out WWE Smackdown, nor would I want it to. Last week may have left me mouth agape with how relentless it was, but that came after episode upon episode of tension simmered the raw feelings between Drita D'avanzo and Karen Gravano. To paraphrase the great New York circa 2006, Drita and Karen had their asses on pause and the previous episode had them pressing play in a millisecond.

But the tape had finally wound down by Sunday's episode, which found the focus of Mob Wives less on bodily harm and more on repairing relationships that had long been dented. Renee was on the end of two recuperating bonds, with the beef between her and Carla finally getting squashed and the new phase of her and Junior's relationship just beginning. You could make a case that Renee's been the "main character" through the first three episodes of this season of Mob Wives, thanks to her botched surgery, everything with Junior, the carryover of Carla drama from last season, and the continuation of her therapy. Renee's kind of the antithesis of someone like Karen; whereas the latter revels in her mob status and living "the life", the former has been scratching at the walls of mob life, begging to be let out of decade upon decade of drama, death, and destruction. The fact that her depression has flared up this season is a testament to the horrors "the life" can bring someone and should serve as a warning sign to someone like Karen to not get too deep down the rabbit hole to where you can't see the ground. No matter how many crying fits she has or how many times she takes back Junior when she deserves better, I'll always have love for Renee for being over all the BS and trying to just enjoy the rest of her life in peace. Read More...


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