Californication Review: Man Pound

As Mike Tyson once said, "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face."

Well, Hank Moody's plan to turn down Samurai did not go as scripted, but somehow taking a punch from Peter Berg came across like a fitting moment in this week's "The Way of the Fist." Just like driving a Porsche with both headlights intact seemed out of character for Hank last episode, it didn't really feel like the season was under way until Hank got into fisticuffs with someone. 

Despite the fresh shiner, Hank still seemed off his game when he decided against telling Becca about Tyler's extra curricular activities at the club. The overly protective Hank has given Becca numerous reasons to hate him over the years, so why in this case would he care about hurting her one more time if it served to only benefit her in the end? My guess is he realized Tyler is a lot like him, after all, and just like he has been given numerous second chances by those he loves, perhaps Tyler deserved at least one, just in case he actually does care about Becca.  Read More...


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