Desperate Housewives Review: More Questions, No Answers

It’s hardly news that Desperate Housewives is in its final season, and I find myself trying really hard sometimes wanting every episode to be incredibly amazing. Unfortunately, "Who Can Say What's True?" fell more on the boring side of things.

Although funny at times, an installment, such as this one, reminds me that it’s just time for another favorite iconic show to end. Lately, it feels like the Fairview residents are running out of stories to tell.

There was hardly any resolution while the mystery continued to unfold as we were bombarded with even more questions. Let’s just hope that we get some answers soon, and most (if not all) by the series’ end.

Let’s discuss what went down…

While Susan nonchalantly wrote a check to Alejandro’s wife, I had the gut feeling that it was a terrible idea. Actually, it was terrible when she thought visiting the family was a good plan in the first place. Read More...


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