Shameless 2.02 "Summer Loving" Review

Shameless season 2 sleazes by with its second entry with this week’s "Summer Loving" as Frank Gallagher finds himself charming a dying woman to collect on her pension, and the other Gallaghers squabble over their rooming situations within the house. Much like last week's premiere "Summertime," this week's Shameless doesn't leave a lot to feel good about by the end of the hour, but service-ably keeps things moving.

I find Shameless to be something of an unusual show, particularly in the way people reacted to its first season and seemed so vigorously to compare the show to its UK ancestor.  Perhaps the adaptation warrants that consideration given how much it strictly took  from the original, but my lacking awareness of the series prior to Showtime leads me to ignore much of the comparison. Read More...


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