'Once Upon a Time' recap: It Takes Two

As the gingerbread house in tonight's title sequence implied, "True North" focused on the story of Hansel and Gretel. And while Emma Caulfield's superbly creepy Blind Witch didn't get nearly enough screen time, the episode was fairly fun all the same. I will say, though, that I wish it had done more to move the show's master plot forward, especially since watching it meant missing the first hour of the Golden Globes. (That Ricky Gervais -- simply incorrigible!)

In Storybrooke, Hansel and Gretel's alter egos are Nicholas and Ava, doe-eyed moppets who are one pair of fingerless gloves away from Fagin's gang. The parentless pair squat in a random house's basement, surviving only on candy and graham crackers they swipe from the local convenience store. Like the Boxcar Children, minus both the boxcar and the uncanny ability to solve mysteries. Read More...



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