Pan Am Recap: Woman-Shaped Things

I feel as though we’ve been here before: Dean, lounging half-naked, wondering whether he should feel guilty about the thing he just did and ultimately deciding that he probably shouldn’t. Dean slept with Bridget last night and, having gotten that over with, has renewed his mistrust of her. These are conflicts a normal person might wish to sort out before royally screwing over someone as lovely as Colette, but Dean is nothing if not an insane man-boy with a backbone as soft as his lily-white, hairless chest. Last night was a mistake, he tells Bridget. He’s awfully good at those.

Pan Am’s chairman wants Pan Am to be the first airliner to fly to the Soviet Union, and because pretty much nobody seems to realize what a dirtbag he is except for me, Dean is selected as the pilot for the first flight. This, at least, until the older Captain Broyles (hilariously nicknamed "Sky God," I’m serious) shows up to lend some credentials to the crew, because a plane commanded by Dean alone would make the Russians laugh and Pan Am would be so embarrassed. Dean, surprisingly, does not react well to not getting everything exactly how he wants it and pouts for the entire flight over. Read More....


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