Hell on Wheels Finale Recap: Death by Train

At the end of Hell on Wheels’ season one finale, our hero Cullen Bohannon rides away from the grimy itinerant town he’d made his home after murdering a man he never should have. But in that town remains a job, a woman, and a life he wants. So as the episode fades to black and we remember the show was renewed for a second season, we're left to wonder whether Bohannon will return to Hell on Wheels.

In much the same way, we're left to wonder if we, the viewers, will return to Hell on Wheels for a second season of belabored dialogue, broody stares, and, if anyone at AMC knows what they're doing, more Tom Noonan.

The answers to those questions are months away. For now, let's talk about last night, which started with a flashback of Bohannon arriving home from the war to find a ransacked house and a dead wife hanging from the porch. He also finds his charred son in the barn, but we’re spared the sight of that. After taking time to bury them and change into a menacing black coat, he sets off to do bad things to the bad men who hurt his family. Read More...



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