Jorge Garcia on Alcatraz, Hurley Comparisons, and His ‘Expert’ Look

Hurley’s goofball humor and fondness for the word dude made him a fan favorite during the six-season run of Lost — so much so that the band Weezer named an album after him. Now actor Jorge Garcia is bringing his way with the comic relief to the newest J.J. Abrams–produced serial drama, Alcatraz. Debuting tonight, the show casts Garcia as amateur Alcatraz historian Diego Soto, tapped by the government when inmates from the sixties mysteriously start showing up in the present day. There’s a whole lot of darkness and dread, but also a whole lot of Garcia, who can effortlessly charm his way through the thickest of mysteries. We chatted with Garcia between takes to discuss his ability to play "experts," his thoughts on airline travel, and the reason he hasn’t yet done a sitcom. Read More...


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