'Alcatraz' review: Caught between the Rock and a hard place


Stop us if you've heard this before: "Alcatraz," the latest series from executive producer J.J. Abrams, has an overarching story to tell, but its week-to-week structure is more like a crime procedural, so viewers won't feel out of sorts if they miss an episode.The easy comparison for "Alcatraz" is "Lost," because it involves Abrams, an island, time travel and Jorge Garcia. But the way Abrams and Co. are selling the series -- as a weekly procedural with some serialized elements -- sounds an afwul lot like the pitch for "Fringe" when it debuted in 2008.Now, "Fringe" became a better (if less-watched) show when it leaned more into its serialized elements and moved case-of-the-week stories to the back burner. And there are several appealing elements to "Alcatraz" that make us think there's potential for growth. But the two episodes we've seen -- and which make up Monday's (Jan. 16) two-hour premiere on FOX -- are of...



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