Glee “Yes/No” Review

This week’s Glee, "Yes/No," got off to a shaky start with a safe, predictable rendition of Grease in order to remind us that Sam and Mercedes had a summer fling that flopped. Yawn. Nothing against Sam, but this whole season has turned me into a Mercedes-hater; she’s doing nothing to get me back into her boat by singing about one boy while dating another.

But the episode picked up a bit with Emma’s "Wedding Bell Blues," with Sue and Coach Bieste as backup singers. It turns out Bieste eloped! Hey, when you find a man who thinks your standard lunch of a whole chicken is sexy, you don’t let Sue steal him away from you! But now Emma wants to get married, and Will is totally on board even after her parents remind him that their daughter is a little wacky.

True love conquers all, but let’s hope Will isn’t setting himself up for a celibate wedding night. At least he’ll have the Glee club, a group of teenagers who love him so much that they willingly team up with the school’s synchronized swimming team (?!) in order to help him mount a proposal that would have made Busby Berkeley proud. (I’d tell you to look up that reference, but you’ll have to wait until Wikipedia is back up on Thursday.) Read More... 


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