Royal Pains “A Farewell to Barnes” Advance Review

Much like last night’s premier of White Collar; the winter premiere of Royal Pains also starts out right where it left off in summer, with Eric on the floor and Hank desperately calling for an ambulance. After that, things get a little serious, then a lot less serious, then maybe slightly serious again.

On the not so serious side, we have the reason behind the title of this episode. Called "A Farewell toBarnes," the name refers to a party a divorcing couple decides to throw for themselves for a very unique reason. It was alternately oddly romantic, fairly odd, and absolutely hilarious all at once. Once you’ve seen it, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that a lot more people should do these kinds of parties. I know I’d go.

On the more serious side, we of course have the whole accidental overdose thing and the ramifications of that stretch pretty far. Not only is Divya affected, but of course the patient himself, Hank, Van Dyke, Jill…it’s a regular smorgasbord of emotions for everyone involved, only some of which will be resolved when the episode is over. Read More... 


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