Justified “The Gunfighter” Review

Justified returns after having one of the best series of television ever. Yes, Margo Martindale is gone and yes, there is a gaping hole of awesomeness with her departure, and yes there is anxiety over whether or not the show can possibly live up to its amazing second season.

It’s impossible to say whether or not the show has succeeded based on the quality of one episode, but while Mags Bennett is dearly departed, the world of Rayland Givens’ Kentucky is as rich and dense with fascinating characters and some of the most delightfully rich, poetic writing on television. Seriously, the dialogue on this show is like bathing your ears in honey and BBQ sauce while a beautiful puppy massages them with his soft paws.

The show has built a world that is cool and wonderful and even when little happens, it hardly matters because it’s just a delight to watch. The directing is up there with Breaking Bad for the best directed show on television. Read More...



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