Modern Family “Little Bo Bleep” Review

Although Lily has been there from day one, we don’t get a whole lot of stories on Modern Family that address the parent-child struggles that Mitch and Cam deal with as fathers of a three year old girl. When she was the calmest looking baby on TV, we didn’t get much out of her "terrible twos" and in the past, Lily had often been a side note to the regular personality clashes between Mitch and Cam – if she was included at all.

It was rather refreshing to see Mitch and Cam break out of the relationship drama that has been the focus of their story lines on Modern Family recently and address an issue in "Little Bo Bleep" that almost every parent has had to deal with. Obviously Lily lacked the context and intent behind her f-bomb to make it malicious, but no parent wants to see their precious child swearing like a sailor. Read More... 


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