Criminal Minds “True Genius” Review

Criminal Minds returns this week. The case is a look at the Zodiac killer, or at the very least a copycat Zodiac killer, while Reid begins wondering whether or not he’s wasted his life. It’s a weird episode and this is definately the sort of show that can be categorized under "laundry folding" without the humor and charm of something like Castle or Bones. I was a little disappointed that they offered nothing new on the take of the Zodiac killer: sure, David Fincher sort of claimed the killer in his brilliant film Zodiac, but there’s no reason why Criminal Minds shouldn’t explore the Zodiac Killer in their own rights. Instead, the show glossed over a bunch of details, added in a few of their own, and the effect is fairly lazy.

There was another problem with this episode, and that is dealing with Reid’s intelligence. Now, Garcia’s computer whizz skills have always been a problem for the show: instead of cleverness, the show relies on this deus ex machina device to solve crimes. It keeps the writers from straining their precious creativity. But at least Reid’s inherent deus ex machina intelligence has always, for the most part, been masked by the character. But look at this exchange as Reid investigates the scene of a crime: 


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