'The Bachelor': Matt Nathanson gig, Shawntel Newton's triumphant (?) return


The latest "Bachelor" episode sees the girls heading for San Francisco, which is where Ben lives when he's not filming romance shows for ABC. His sister Julia lives there too, so he gets to see and talk to her about the experience. The girls who get mentions to Julia are Lindzi, Kacie, Courtney, Emily and Jennifer. He hilariously thinks his sister would hit it off with Courtney. Mmm hmm. We've barely seen his sister, but she seems cool and I think she would see through Courtney in about four seconds.Emily's DateHer date card clue is "love lifts us up" - I mentally add "where we belong! Where the eagles fly! On the mountain high!," so my theory is that they are heading to boot camp or perhaps a factory. "I got nowhere else to go!" Heh.But it turns out they are climbing the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Um, yikes. I would be absolutely terrified. Like...



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