'Pretty Little Liars': Lucas does a little breaking and entering


This week on "Pretty Little Liars," we get some answers on Lucas and it's really not what we thought it was going to be. But it sure was creepy getting there.OK, so it turns out Lucas has (had?) a gambling problem. He got into making bets on basketball and he lost all his money plus all Caleb's money and that's what he was going to tell Hanna in the rowboat. Raise your hands if you were really disappointed that that was the explanation? *raises hands* It just felt very anti-climactic, especially since we were convinced he was going to tell Hanna he loves her. It also seemed to come out of left field. What canon do we have so far to even hint at something like that? None that we can think of.Meanwhile, Spencer tracks down a receipt from her lake house to a newsstand called Smitty's in Philadelphia that is right around the corner...



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