Michelle Obama and 'iCarly' honor military families

iCarly: "iMeet the First Lady: Sam and the Secret Service" Get More: iCarly Episodes,iCarly,iCarly GamesNickelodeon's "iCarly" welcomed a very special guest star Monday night (Jan. 16) - First Lady Michelle Obama. In the episode, titled "iMeet the First Lady," the kids are worried they'll get sent to prison for hacking a secure communications network, as they were trying to set up a surprise father-daughter reunion online for Carly and her deployed Colonel father.Sam thinks they should make a run for it, so she's got wigs and passports ready to go. But the Secret Service and Michelle Obama show up to help them out. The First Lady's daughters are big iCarly fans. She's there to commend them for caring for their family and friends. And the episode has been screened around the country for military families. We thought the episode was a little more serious than "iCarly" normally is, but we loved it. What did you...



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