Being Human Review: Mother May I?

"Turn This Mother Out" kicks off Being Human's second season with our three supernatural friends finding their way through their own personal dilemmas. That means less screen time for our main cast as a group, but plenty of story to go around.

Josh and Nora: It sure is interesting what you can learn about mythical creatures the more television shows you watch. I was completely confused as to why Nora couldn't see Sally when we all knew she had been infected by Josh and was a werewolf. Apparently, you have to turn once before your heightened powers take over, and you're no longer just lusting after raw meat.

Try as she might, Nora could not bring herself to just come out and tell Josh he scratched her. I'm sure part of it was a hope that she was wrong, even when the evidence was becoming a bit overwhelming that she would turn at the next full moon. Not to mention crushing Josh's sweet demeanor (did I really just say that about a bloodthirsty werewolf?). Read More...


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