How I Met Your Mother Review: Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Dan Gregor and Doug Mand deserve the highest of fives for this week's How I Met Your Mother episode "46 Minutes." While the majority of our readers here at TV Fanatic feel the season thus far has been a success, a reoccurring gripe has emerged lamenting the absence of Barney's famous and beloved catch phrases or Barney-isms. Well fans had reason to rejoice when Barney suggested a trip to a strip club to celebrate his self appointment as the new leader of the group and capped off the scene with one of his more memorable Legen-dary quotes.

While the Eriksens were off playing house though, the gang was left to operate at half strength. Barney, suited up as usual, stepped up, put the team on his shoulders and delivered as the show's comedic cynosure.  His voiceover during the opening theme music was a great wrinkle as was the Russian themed alternate opening montage featuring "Better Lily" and "New Marshall." Looking like he just went down on Robocop, the silver glitter faced Barney controlled the floor like Michael Jordan in his prime.

Every great player has a great wingman. His Airness had Scottie Pippen and Barney had a great second in drunk Ted. Ted was on fire all night, from his Party of Five reference to his scenes at the poker table which were highlighted by his Starship song parody, "We Built Chip City."  Great nod to Teddy KGB from Rounders also with the onlooker eating a chip rack full of Oreos. Read More...


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