'2 Broke Girls': Is Neighbor Jennifer Coolidge A Prostitute?

Jennifer Coolidge jumped on board "2 Broke Girls" (Mon., 8:30 p.m. EST on CBS) train in a recurring role that could easily be expanded to series regular should audiences and writers respond well to her. After their upstairs neighbor passes away, the girls start hearing loud music and stomping around. While they think it's a large man, they are surprised to meet Sophie (Coolidge), their new upstairs neighbor.

In typical sitcom fashion, the girls spend the entire episode offending and insulting Sophie. At first, Max sends her a threatening letter to get the noise to stop. Then, after seeing her apartment filled with a porch swing and girls clad in lingerie, they conclude that she's a madame and those women must be her prostitutes.

Cue the awkward conversation where Sophie is saying one thing and Max and Caroline are hearing something else entirely, until they reveal their suspicions and Sophie is so mad she threatens to turn them into the landlord for being illegal sublets in their apartment. Luckily, she has a soft spot for Max's cupcakes. Read More...



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