'Alcatraz' series premiere recap: Early Sentencing

The much-anticipated premiere of exec producer J.J. Abrams' latest project saw the warm glow of prime-time television last night.

Blending TV's most reliable genre formula (police procedural) with a sadly less-predominant genre (far-reaching government conspiracy), Alcatraz managed to squeeze the series' premise, character exposition, two separate story lines, and a couple of legitimately awesome twists into its two-hour debut -- not a bad haul for a premiere.

Seemingly not as ambitious as Lost but promising the same more-revelations-lead-to-more-questions type of setup, the series actually seems more akin to The X-Files -- that is, if the good guys were recruited by the Cigarette Smoking Man instead of working against him. (Sam Neill is delightfully menacing as the morally ambiguous FBI agent Emerson Hauser who never reveals more than absolutely necessary.) Read More...



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