2 Broke Girls Review: The Horrible, Horrible Critics

2 Broke Girls was recently blasted by some critics for its use of low brow humor. For me, it is simple - it’s a sitcom and if it makes me laugh, it has done its job. Even if those laughs are sometimes accompanied by a groan or eye roll. 

Of course I would like to ask those critics how they think you could do prostitution humor without it being low brow. Ok, maybe a British show could pull it off. But, best I can tell, if you’re dealing with an American show (or Mel Brooks) anytime you bring sex into comedy it’s almost always immediately considered low brow.

But apparently that’s ok with us. I know its ok with me. While the critics may have slammed Michael Patrick King for the style of the show, many of us enjoy it very much. And this week was no exception.  Read More...



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