'Two And A Half Men': Walden's New Look

For half a year, "Two and a Half Men" (Mon., 9 p.m. EST on CBS) have been watching Ashton Kutcher's man-child Walden Schmidt sporting a beard and what Zoey called Jennifer Aniston's hair. It's probably not his most flattering look, but was certainly distinctive and set him apart visually from Charlie Sheen.

As the show has evolved and he finds himself getting more serious with Zoey, suddenly the issue of his appearance came up. With a big event coming up for work, she was hoping he might look a little more professionally presentable. Walden took offense at her trying to control him, but ultimately got on board with her idea of both a shave and a haircut.

As such, when she came over to apologize for pushing the issue, she was stunned to see a clean-shaven young man standing in front of her. The new look made the 33-year old Kutcher look much younger even than that, and certainly emphasized his traditional handsomeness. Read More...



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