Lost Girl Review: It's a Fae World!

When I first heard about Lost Girl, I thought it was another vampire show and was pleasantly surprised when I watched the premiere to find out it's not. I love vampire shows and watch most, if not all, of them currently on the air, but wasn't sure I wanted to take on another one. Lost Girl certainly has components of those other shows, but what excites me is the unknown mythology of this world.

In the pilot, we get a brief introduction to the Fae world. Since Bo has lived with humans her whole life, we get to learn about the Fae, what they are, and about their community at the same time that she does. Based on this first episode, I'm ready for the ride!

As soon as we meet Bo, her motives and morality are ambiguous. While she saves Kenzi, she also kills a man with her kiss. Is she good, bad, or a bit of both? This question is answered quickly. We find out that she is basically good, but has an infliction that she doesn't know how to control. Read More...



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